Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I got an email today from a fabulous CCSD (Cherry Creek School District) security guard that I left my 5Seeds banner at Overland.  I say fabulous because she offered to bring it to me at Gateway High School this weekend.  Girl, you rock!  Thank you so much!

I'm busy making new 5Seeds loop scarves for this weekend.  I have 3 shows this weekend.  On Friday I will be at CCSD, Saturday I will be at Gateway H.S., and Sunday I will be at the 3rd annual Willow Creek Fall Festival.  I found some awesome new fabrics for scarves, so I should have about 15 new colors/prints to choose from.

I am really excited about the Willow Creek Fall Festival this year.  It is basically in my backyard and it has a whole lot going on this year.  There will be food, games, vendors as well as live music.  The organizer is even going to have a bull (tame I'm sure) and a Clydesdale Horse for this kids to look at.  It will be fun for me because I will be a vendor and my family will be there.

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