Wednesday, March 19, 2014

10+ New Scarves for Highland Ranch This Weekend- Plus 2 new RUFFLES

Hi Everyone.  There are about 10 new fabrics that I made into loop scarves for the Highlands Ranch Spring Fair this Saturday at Eastridge Rec Center.  I even have 2 new ruffles, a wine colored one (burgundy) as well as a multi-colored one with whites/blacks/greys.  I only have 3 of each of these so if you want one come early.   I also have over 700 headbands to choose from right now.  I am fully stocked on these for the spring markets.

The weather is calling for snow on Saturday.  Hopefully just a little so we can still get setup easily.  Both Chris and I will be there this Saturday, so if you haven't come by since the fall markets, come by and say hello!

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