Sunday, November 3, 2013

5Seeds was at the Highlands Ranch Jewelry Fair yesterday.  It was a decent fair.  The traffic could have been a little better for me.  What made my day were several gals I will call the 5Seeds stalkers.  They bought a bunch of loop scarves and headbands from me at the Sweet William Market at Stapleton in September.  Well, the girls stalked me all the way to Highlands Ranch!  It was great to see you both!  5Seeds loves its shopping stalkers!

I will be sewing a lot this week to get ready for Ye Olde Yuletide market this coming Saturday in Parker.  If you need some Christmas gifts for $3-$15 come and see us at this market.  It is a really big and busy market and should be a lot of fun.  I have a ton of wintery warm knit loop scarves right now so they are perfect for Colorado weather.  I am also fully stocked up on my jersey knit and ruffle scarves.

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